EP: Meadowlark - 'Paraffin'

When Facebook choose to limit the exposure and organic reach of the brands, artists and misc owners of Facebook Pages -  in an attempt to encourage a commitment to paid marketing - many met this decision with a fair amount of contempt. As the algorithm changes kicked in and their audience reach slowly dwindled, many had no choice but to pay for Facebook advertising to get their posts seen, and still grumble that it is simply not worth it. That it doesn't make a difference.

It was actually a sponsored Facebook advertisement popping up in the middle of my Facebook home page that first alerted me to Meadowlark back when they released  their lovely single, 'Eyes Wide'. Quite unlike me, I clicked through, I listened and  I 'liked'.  I can't imagine I am the only person this ad reached or who reacted in a similar way, showing that social media can be a powerful tool in finding new fans if executed in the right way.

Meadowlark released their third EP 'Paraffin' on 22nd April which features the duo's most recent single, 'Satellite' - a tender offering with sadly sweet vocals that dance lightly upon a cloud of cautious yet immersive electronics, guitar lines and piano notes. 'Satellite' sits alongside the EP's title track 'Paraffin' which comes in three different formats; the alluring, breezy, original with soul stroking melodies and sonic structures with richness and fluidity, a  breathtaking stripped back, acoustic version that adds a seriousness and intensity both vocally and instrumentally and a crisp electro Tender Remix.

With a series of festival dates lined up, Meadowlark will be spreading their wings and continuing to captivate audiences across the country with their encapsulating soundscapes and elegant pop melodies. This is a sound that sticks with you and for all the right reasons.

Words of Karla Harris

Festival Dates
27th May - Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester UK
28th May - Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol UK
29th May - Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham UK
18th June - Bushstock Festival, London UK
16th July - Herder Festival, UK