Artist To Check Out: SHELLS - 'Gold' (Single)

Newcomer SHELLS wastes no time in showcasing the be-still-and-listen wow factor she is capable of. Debut single, 'Gold' opens with her unaccompanied, intoxicating vocals being the first thing you hear. SHELLS is eager to tell her story and we are eager to listen. Even the smoky, stark electronics that shortly support her voice seem to bow down and worship her lead, tentatively testing the waters as we fall deeper under her vocal spell.

'Gold' is slow-burning, sophisticated pop that reaches majestic heights, metamorphosing with emotion, unveiling new layers, becoming a constantly changing pattern of joy and sound. There's a strength in vulnerability here. SHELLS lays herself bare only to come out of it all taller, brighter, braver as the soundscape builds triumphantly alongside her transformation.

Words of Karla Harris

Live Dates
Jun 12 - Paris, France (Forum des Halles, Rock en Seine presents: The Unexpected)
Jun 18 - London, England (Bushstock, St Stephens)
Jun 25 - Oslo, Norway (Piknik i Parken, Vigeland Museum
Sep 02 - Wales (Festival No 6) 
Sep 14 - London, England (The Forge) (Tickets)