Artist To Check Out - Michl - 'Die Trying' (Single)

Back in October of last year Michl (my-kull) released his debut single, 'Kill Our Way to Heaven' a gloomy, darkly poetic track,where his spine-tingling, eerie vocals soar over pulsating electronic soundscapes courtesy of Lewis Hughes on production.

'When You Loved Me Least' followed with dank chilling beats and ethereal intonations, but a smoother warmer rnb side peers out through the darkness as Michl croons, the bittersweet words, "I loved you most when you loved me least".

Now Michl has unveiled his third single 'Die Trying', a chilled electronic-rnb ballad where Michl's falsetto vocal floats over shimmering, atmospheric soundscapes in a way that melodically, in parts, made me think of what James Bay might sound like if he started making down-tempo electronic music.  

Michl is making music with a magnetic, atmospheric, pull that binds its listener to each theme like beautifully damaged puzzle pieces. Have a listen below.

Words of Karla Harris