Artist To Check Out: Klangstof - 'Amansworld' & 'Island'

On hearing Klangstof's 'Amansworld' for the first time, I wasn't sure about it at all. Klangstof balances a dazed sense of catatonia and  deliberately bland vocals against colourful, jubilant, pulsating soundscapes that had me feeling as conflicted as the tracks intricate structure itself. What sold it for me is how Klangstof  has factored in rippling, anchoring moments of realness and reflection around the mid-way mark which adds a sense of stability and a fixed point of familiarity to return to.

'Island' acts as an expansion on the brief glimpse of solitary contemplation in 'Amansworld' that I've just mentioned and I had no problem whatsoever immediately falling under its spell. Where 'Amansworld' reveals itself as an extrovert, 'Island' is Klangstof's contemplative introvert where emotive and cautionary post rock soundscapes beautifully slow burn in the spaces between Klangstof's downtrodden, desolate, vocals.

Unveiling himself to be creatively non-concrete, Klangstof holds a vast and diverse appeal and the significance of this suggests this is an artist with a very exciting future ahead of them.

Words of Karla Harris