Wolf Girl Album Launch - Live @ DIY Space for London. 24/03/2016

I start my evening off on a low point, trekking through New Cross as it pisses down with rain towards DIY Space for London with all but a semi working umbrella to protect myself from the growing wind. But this is the least of my problems due to my amazing choice in foot wear that day. A ripped pair of Converse. By the time I got to the venue they were borderline pointless.

With this being my first time to DIY Space for London, I was unsure in what it was.
Was it a music venue?
An art gallery?
 A record shop?
A cool coffee shop that happens to sell craft beer?

The only way to describe it is a creative space (that does sell craft beer), with no idea ignored and with that you get a great sense of community. It is such a random place, stuck in the middle of some warehouses, where you are greeted by a record shop at the entrance.

Despite the poor weather and wet feet all was worth it for what was in store that evening. London band Wolf Girl are celebrating the release of their  debut album, 'We Tried' with a headline show, along with some of the best people they know; friends and loved ones.

Greeted at the gig with a friendly party hat on offer for whoever is willing to embrace their inner five year old. Camp Shy are opening the show, giving us a dose of punky pop to get the early beer flowing in our systems. Followed by a solo set from Chorusgirl's Silvi Wersing, who takes us back to the nineties with dashes of The Cure and old fashioned shoegaze.

Camp Shy @ DIY Space

Silvi Wersing @ DIY Space
Dirtygirl provide main support with their twist on riot grrl, for such short girls (pretty sure their average height for band members is five foot tall!), they do make a beautiful racket, sounding like a distilled Brody Dalle's vocal chords.

Dirtygirl @DIY Space
Wolf Girl @ DIY Space
Wolf Girl @ DIY Space
Then finally, 'Hello, we are Wolf Girl'  the band announce as they rumble into their headline set, reminding me of all the things I loved about Be Your Own Pet but with a bit more coca cola. There is a thriving DIY scene in London at the moment, with bands putting on their own shows and zines popping up left right and centre. Wolf Girl are strongly involved in this, promoting the culture throughout their set, explaining to the crowd on how important it is and how much it means to them that everyone is involved. With all that taken into account, it makes the London scene very exciting at the moment, and hopefully there will be more bands like Wolf Girl spawning out of it!

Words & Photos of Ant Adams

For all photos taken from all sets of the night, please click here.

Wolf Girl @ DIY Space
Wolf Girl @ DIY Space