The Video Explained: Anteros - 'Breakfast'

Who:  The last time we featured Anteros they had newly moved to London and just released their debut self titled single as a three piece. The band are now a four-piece  with a slight change of line up. They are Laura Hayden, Joshua Rumble ,Charlie Monneraud and Harry Balazs.

About The Track: ‘Breakfast was released via Kissability on April 1st. Dreamy and infectious 'Breakfast' peers out formidably through nostalgia and sun-soaked riffs.

Speaking about ‘Breakfast’, Hayden says: ‘We wrote this song last summer. I was seeing someone who only wanted to stay up and talk about their problems until the early hours. We've all been bored by someone who is too self-indulgent.

The Video Explained: "Our aim was so depict situations women get themselves into on the road to finding love & happiness. There's still pressure for us to be perfect in every aspect, like we're constantly having to to modify ourselves in order to find our "happily every after". Our relationships, careers, body, lifestyle, etc. We spend our whole lives focusing on what we don't have & need to change - instead of enjoying the present. Each character in the video has been inspired by loads of different females: from Charlotte in Lost in Translation (played by Scarlett Johansson) and BeyoncĂ© in 'Why Don't You Love Me', to a Barbie Doll."


Anteros will be touring the UK at the below dates: 
30/04 - Live at Leeds
19/05 - The Great Escape Festival
03/06 - Cheltenham, Wychwood Festival
02/09 - Cambridge, Lodestar Festival