The Band Explains: Suburban Haze - 'Clip' (Animated Video)

Who:Suburban Haze are a DIY post punk quartet based in Newcastle. They are: Dylan Martin, Joe Andersons, Alex Longmire, and Paul Pickles.

About The Track: 'Clip’ is the second single taken from the bands new EP, 'It Will Never Happen'  which was released digitally and on 12" vinyl via Spit The Dummy Records on April 1st.

"'Clip' is basically about fuckwits who somehow end up in positions of power”, says singer, Paul Pickles. Noodling clean guitars and orchestral synth take the main stage on this heavily new-wave inspired song. Keeping a consistent tempo throughout allowing the listener to get lost in the groove of the song.

Paul Pickles Explains:
How did the ideas to animate the video come about?
I had a bunch of ideas in my head but we couldn’t really afford to pay the fees to have the real Sun and Moon work together on film (there’s a bit of history there). So with that in mind we just animated them and changed them enough so we could use that “all characters are fictitious and any similarities are coincidental” excuse.

How does the video connect to the song?
There’s the idea that you can go notice problems and go through experiences to try and change them but will often end back at almost the same position, or worse off. In the song this is primarily talking about unfair processes when it comes to society but in the music video this is represented through the opening scene repeating but in a different environment.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Nothing too crazy apart from my bad drawing of storyboards. Imagine that scene in Deadpool of Deadpool drawing himself. That is about how it looked. Except I had far fewer guns/swords.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery/ colours used?
Well I always love really bright and vibrant colours! As for the ideas and themes they are mostly quite separate to the ideas expressed within the music. I think it’s always good to have a loose concept and work around that to see what happens.

What is the message the video is trying to convey either about you as a band or generally?Get weird I guess!

Interview feature by Karla Harris