The Band Explains: Foxtails Brigade - 'No Fate' (Video)

Who: Oakland, California quintet Foxtails Brigade are; Laura Weinbach - (guitar/vocals), Anton Patzner - (violin/guitar) Joe Lewis - (bass), Josh Pollock - (percussion), Dominic Mercurio - (percussion).

About The Track: 'No Fate' is taken from the band's self-titled third album which was released April 8th via OIM Records
Laura Weinbach's vocals are so saccharine they are almost sinister as the band juggle melodic cinematic arrangements with  unusual percussion, psychedelic synths and angular guitar figures. Foxtails Brigade allow their listener to question their ideals of the norm through their inquisitive and enchanting approach to indie music.

'No Fate' is accompanied by a video and we spoke to director and band member Anton Patzner to get some more information. 

Anton Patzner Explains:
Where was the video filmed?
Unlike our last video which was filmed in a mansion with the camera from Jurassic world, this video was filmed in our bedroom with my mom’s old phone. We set up one light, pointed it at a wall and all took turns filming each other. All of the animations were done at home as well, hand-drawn by Laura.

How does the video compliment the song?
The lo-fi, DIY approach was intentional, to match the post-punk feel of the song. It’s also the most driving, high energy song we’ve ever done and I wanted to capture that energy more than anything. Quick cuts and lots of camera movement proved to be the best tactic. It was very-much built during editing. I approach editing the same way as I approach making beats or any other music production; it’s all about groove and feel.

Any behind the scenes stories?
It was an easy, quick, fun shoot. We basically each played through the song a few times, passing the phone around and shooting a bunch of weird angles and movements.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
All of the animation comes straight from the mind of Laura Weinbach. It’s a stream-of-conciousness window into her soul.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
We were more trying to convey feelings than any kind of literal message but if you get a message out of it too, that’s just fine.

Interview feature by Karla Harris.