The Band Explains: Create To Inspire - 'Don't Let Go' (Video)

Who: Create To Inspire are a Post-Hardcore five-piece based in Essex. They are; Sean Midson (vocals), Connor McLeod (guitars), Jack Morris (guitars) Dan Fuller (bass) and Luke Taylor (drums).

About The Track: 'Don't Let Go' is taken from the band's EP 'Home is Where My Heart Dies'. and was released 25th March, via  Basick Records.  
'Don't Let Go' is an equally vulnerable, vicious and hopeful act of deliverance that sees Create To Inspire pair sorrowful, inquisitive instrumentation with melodic vocals, and ferocious hardcore technicalities with reproachful growls.

Create To Inspre Explains:
"The song is about certain people telling you it's a waste of time to pursue something that makes you feel alive. For us, it's playing music in this band. It's not about proving people wrong, it's about whether they're right. The message in this song is quite simple, don't let go of the things that make you who you are because they will eventually shape you into something you've wanted to be your whole life.

The video for 'Don't Let Go', shot by our talented friend Zak Pinchin was the result of an idea that we wanted to put the concept of our songs right in front of people. We shot it at a friend of ours' garage and street in Kent, we didn't need anything fancy or expensive in terms of location. Our friend Ryan Rogers took up acting duties, portraying somebody who is searching for their purpose, trying to follow their heart, almost literally. The trail of lights and the photographs symbolise the things that are most important to you as a person, and trying to find your way back to who you truly are. The heart that's found in the garage is a homage and a sequel of sorts to our first video from this E.P for 'Counting Days' and stays true too the general concept of the E.P as a whole."