The Band Explains: AV Super Sunshine - 'Baby Goodbye' (Video)

Who: Virtuoso musician AV Super Sunshine, is based in Wisconsin. AV grew up during the 60s and 70s golden era of hard rock. He started playing guitar and writing songs at 18, offering his considerable talents to a multitude of garage-type bands and four-chord punk rock groups

About The Track:  'Baby Goodbye' is the title track taken from AV Super Sunshine's debut album.
It's an effortlessly smooth-gliding track that combines modern sounds with a combination of retro, guitar-heavy hints of 60s psychedelica, 70s hard rock and soulful female backing vocals.

AV Super Sunshine Explains:
Who produced the video? Where was it filmed?
The video was directed and edited by Joe Gutt, Eric Stars and Dave Donnelly. Filming was at the Film House in Nashville, Tennessee.

 How does the video compliment the song?
The video for 'Baby Goodbye' plays out the sound of the song visually in front of an old cityscape projected onto the background in the style of 60’s cinema.

Any behind the scenes stories?
The story of AV Super Sunshine is that of an artist whose battle with severe depression, anxiety, PTSD and bi-polar disorder has turned into what may be his most creative years by re-emerging doing what he loves. For 15 years he made no music whatsoever until 2009 when he hit rock bottom being diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses. Instead of letting the diagnosis cripple him, he saw opportunity to understand what had been ailing him and took it upon himself to get out of his longstanding predicament.

What began as a regular appearance at an Oshkosh, WI coffee house where he eventually became the host culminated when he was invited to Nashville to record his debut 'Baby Goodbye' album. The pinnacle of that journey is 'Baby Goodbye', it’s coffee shop theme and the modern sounds it displays with a combination of guitar-heavy hints of 60’s psychedelica and 70’s hard rock.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Appropriately enough AV is seen cruising in a killer Pontiac GTO convertible with a variety of groovy gals. Everyone is hanging out and just chilling or grooving. The shots are juxtaposed with scenes of AV and his band fully immersed in the vibes of the song and taking us back to another decade of psychedelic-infused good times. A constant kaleidoscope of colors and moving lights really brings it all together for a look and feel that brings the past roaring into the present!

 What is the message the video is trying to convey?
From being a guy who could barely get off his couch to face the public a few years ago to becoming a touring rock musician, it has been a remarkable evolution for AV Super Sunshine. This video and artist is continuing with it because he thinks his music might help people.