The Artist Explains: Koronis - 'Weave' (Video)

Who: Koronis is the project of  New Zealand born, Jesse Woolston, who is now based in Los Angeles.

About The Track: Available for free download via Soundcloud,  'Weave'  is Koronis' first contribution to Piano Day 2016. The track utilizes haunting strings and electronic minimalism to create a scaffolding for a lonely, skeletal progression

Koronis Explains:
"The video for 'Weave' was something I produced in an attempt to match an aesthetic to the feelings I was expressing within the song. The musical piece itself is very delicate and soft with a subtle, lonely theme running through it. With the animation I focused on movement and how individual pieces can act on their own vs when they become part of a group or system.

 Initially, the fragments in the background move independently but eventually feed into this swirling, mass of coalesced pieces. This mass darkens as it pulls more and more fragments into it; this mimics the song's journey from minimal layers to a denser soundscape. The song eventually returns to it's simpler state while the fragments are unable to do so, being part of the group has changed their dynamic.

Something else I wanted to take into consideration was leaving room for people to make their own interpretations of my visuals and music. Animation is an excellent medium for giving people the opportunity to populate the space that I've provided with their own ideas. One person saw a map of the world during a freeze fame of the video, while another person was reminded of birds in flight.

I want to build rooms with my music and visuals that allows an individual to have a place to go and to feel whatever it is they need to feel." - Koronis

Interview feature by Karla Harris