The Artist Explains: Cadence Kid - Whistling Your Name (Video)

 Cadence Kid is  the project of  LA based Film Composer/Orchestrator and multi-instrumentalist, Jason Turbin.

About The Track: 'Whistling Your Name' is available now via Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. This is wistful and whimsical electro pop featuring dreamy synths, chirpy arrangements, softly confident vocals and a smattering of sci fi for good measure.

Cadence Kid Explains:
A film Director/Animator by the name of Jadon Barnes reached out to me about doing a music video and said if I could write up a concept/story he could bring it to life out where he resides in Arkansas.
The song is kind of a tribute to how much I love music and how obsessed I am with it. 90% of the time I'm thinking of a melody so I'm always carrying around a pencil and paper to jot my ideas down. The idea of music notes chasing after the lead actor was inevitable for this music video and luckily Jadon had the ability to execute it. I used a Theremin on the choruses to give it a little sci fi undertone so that may have triggered the idea of the notes morphing random objects into musical instruments.
Although Jadon and I never met in person, we became good friends over skype and had lots of laughs. The internet can be a powerful tool for connecting people around the world.
I'm happy Jadon reached out to me because I got a fun music video and great friend from it.

Interview feature by Karla Harris