Stream: Micael Matias - 'Some Simple Kind Of' (Single)

 Sweden's Micael Matias  began his musical journey almost two decades ago and during this time he has played in bands before embarking on the solo career we are now seeing.  While we're not entirely sure what kind of music Micael has a history of making, we'd like to confidently suggest that he comes from quite a rock-infused background, based on his vocals alone.

Current single, 'Some Simple Kind Of' is pretty spectacular in its own right:

"The song is about the loss of love and the will to gain it back. It is one of few songs on the album that is personal." says Micael Matias.

It's a beautiful folk rock number that showcases the gruff texture to Micael's vocals, sparsely and acoustically alongside heartfelt lyrics, before building in layers of instrumentation. There's a great piano section, electric guitar, rolling drums,  bass, nylon guitars, and echoed vocals which thicken the track out to something unexpectedly anthemic and warm - despite its longing and lovelorn lyrics.

The track then goes full circles and fades out the way it started; with gentle and optimistic twangs of hope.

Words of Karla Harris

Teaming up with a producer, 'Some Simple Kind Of' is taken from Micael Matias' upcoming debut album "A philosophy of modern man".