Single Review: The Chainsmokers - 'Inside Out' (feat. Charlee)

When American DJ duo The Chainsmokers  hit our Top 20 here in the UK with the satirical 'Selfie', it filled my life with horror! There was nowhere I could go without hearing it and it was plastered across every music channel/ mainstream radio in its all its terrible brilliance. It was completely Marmite, and I do not like Marmite.

I will never begrudge the success The Chainsmokers found through 'Selfie'. I don't even think they really knew just how well they would do with it. It firmly planted them in the spotlight and since then, they have revealed themselves to be a credible, talented  and highly sought after production duo, who have made some killer tracks, Most notably featuring some impressive female vocalists.

Which leads us here to 'Inside Out' feat, Charlee. We don't know much about her, except she is incredible. 'Inside Out' is lyrically breathtaking and Charlee's vocals are as raw, exposed and as all consuming as her words. This is a highly emotional  and personal track that tackles the topic of love in one of its rarer forms. In an unconditional way. In an "every" way.  "Let me see the dark sides as well as the bright I'm gonna love you inside out" - the message is  pure, matter of fact, and extremely sweet (although, some of the song's lyrics are slightly darker in imagery).

The Chainsmokers have built a tender shield of synths around such exposed words and vocals. The melodies are  much more humble, vulnerable, understanding. Of course, they climax into a familiar, bolder, dance territory. While remaining touching and poignant. Anchored by emotion rather than lifting off into full blown euphoria.

'Inside Out' reaches out with a message stunning in its simplicity, leaving its listener feeling completed besotted.

Words of Karla Harris


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