Single Review: The Blood Choir - 'Switching off the Perfume Garden'

Atmospheric? Check. Dreamy, searching vocal? Check. Receiving BBC radio airplay? Check. Welcome, dear friends, to The Blood Choir and their current single 'Switching Off the Perfume Garden'. Hailing from the musical hotbed of Bristol, the band have delivered a dark (you might say gothic) and moody record that simply sounds epic. It is a track gives your imagination the tools to create an environment for you to indulge in. So I did.

The brooding, vocal-led opening is coupled with a beautifully simple piano that sets the tone perfectly. About 50 seconds in, a jangling guitar lavishes itself across the track and the atmospheric nature builds as the guitar lick carries us along, cymbals caressing the ears until about 1m 45s when the drums announce themselves, the piano returning shortly after. The record starts to slowly build and does so, reaching a swirling, epic crescendo. A gorgeous slice of alt-rock pie. Go get yourself a piece - the diet can wait.

Words of Dave Nelson 

The Blood Choir's first album, 'No Windows To The Old World', was released in 2012 and is well worth your investigations. Their second album, 'Houses Of The Sun', is due for release this year.