Single: Naomi Pilgrim - 'Sink Like A Stone'

Swedish/Barbadian artisNaomi Pilgrim  is  pegged as a pop/ r&b/ alternative artist. But what instantly jumped out for me on 'Sink Like A Stone' is the reggae  undercurrents and the universally important lines of the pre chorus, "no one should treat you like a joke / don't you let them tear you down".

Naomi Pilgrim's voice is comprised of strength and fierce heart. The verses of 'Sink Like A Stone' are warm caramel with a powerful message which build an intense atmosphere. The chorus drops in a subtly filthy bass-line underneath sparse organ and bell sounds that are delicately balanced around the vocal harmonies. The song bumps along like a triumphant march of defiance for nearly 4 minutes of meaningful music.

The title track taken from her forthcoming EP, 'Sink Like A Stone' is a firm indication that Naomi Pilgrim will be building strongly on the already impressive musical path she has ventured out on. I have fallen in love in anticipation of what I expectantly hope is an outstanding summer release.

Words of Samuel Hylands