Single: J.Normal - 'CANDLE'

London-based singer-songwriter, J.Normal is somewhat of a rare breed. This indigenous species of artist who is ever so casual and nonchalant in the execution of her records and the promoting of them. I'm still debating whether she is actually a real person or not.

Newest single 'CANDLE' was inspired by The 1975's 'The Sound' and holds some sonic similarities to Aphex Twin's Xtal. This is a glitchy track with melodic risers and fallers that in her own words are "a little 90's but it's kinda in a pisstake way, like Victoria Beckham's singles have those trance/club noise sweeps and it's all very funny and retro."

J. Normal also describes the song as "an interesting one to make" in regards to the technical aspects of production, but as expected from her, it is also an interesting one to listen to. This is robo-dance indiepop and the alternative (and perhaps slightly ironic) way J.Normal is presenting love songs always has me smiling.

Words of Karla Harris

'CANDLE' is the fourth single to be taken from J.Normal's upcoming  debut album  due out later this year.  It follows on from 'Alright', 'Fire' and 'Smoke' All tracks, currently available on a "name your price" basis via Bandcamp