Single: inSaturn - 'Lady Lion'

While not wishing to dwell on the abundance of negativity that 2016 has brought so far, in terms of the loss of significant musical (and non-musical) heroes, perhaps one thought stands out. It’s that the myriad of iconic videos, emerging rare footage, live performances and studio recordings provide an overriding and unforgettable reminder of the impact of undeniable talent, and how it shines out like a brilliant beacon in the dark of night. It’s the realisation that you just know it when you hear it… a sense of clear artistry, a gift, an almost overwhelming power that stops you in your tracks.

Perhaps such statements are a little grandiose for the start of a musical review for a debut single. And indeed, this reviewer is always quick to acknowledge being more attuned to reviewing from a musical capacity based on instruments, rather than vocal performances. Still, one cannot imagine talking about ‘Lady Lion’ without commenting on inSaturn's frontwoman, Beth Cannon’s stunning contribution to this intriguing and startlingly beautiful track.

Opening as a Lana Del Rey-esque delicate croon, the vocals build into a forceful, operatic delivery that elevates the post-rock ambience to a sublime crescendo, reaching for the stratosphere over the course of six minutes of perfectly-crafted musical intrigue. Reference points such as Sigur Ros are not far off the mark. However, it’s certainly bewildering that this is a debut single for inSaturn’s upcoming EP release, as one imagines that ‘Lady Lion’ is a composition that most artists would sell their soul to even come close to replicating.

Taken as a whole, the measured splendour of ‘Lady Lion’ feels vital and genuinely moving. One can only image how inSaturn’s songs will transfix audiences at summer festivals that include The Great Escape, Truck and Together The People. In the meantime, WTHBlows early awaits the EP release in the hope of something rather special.

Words of @DS_convertible