Single: Draper - 'Break Over You' feat. Prides

If you listen to Draper's back catalogue there seems to be some measure of  composure over his compositions. Not at all in a stunted for ideas, or a repressed sort of way. There's a constant flow of new ideas and Draper's always dipping in and out of genres.  But almost everything he has laid his hand to is sleek and impenetrably cool.  In many ways, its the type of music that plays at sophisticated night clubs where I'm far too much of an awkward goof to know how to react to it (or probably even be there).

'Break Over You' has a quirky buoyancy that encourages its listener to just let loose. To flail around and not worry about what shapes you should be cutting (or in my case, should not be cutting). To forget to be cool and composed for a few minutes. And in turn, Draper has relaxed too.

As Draper's arrangements leisurely float skyward like a fugitive helium balloon, it is the grounded  texture to Prides on vocals that act as the anchor, being the weight that holds solid amidst the elated soundscape Draper has laid out before them.

Words of Karla Harris