Single: Big Little Lions - 'What If'

With Helen Austin based in Canada and Paul Otten in the US, Big Little Lions may be subject to a geographical divide but fortunately for us, they are perfectly in synch in regards to musical integrity, artistry ideas and vocal compatibility.

'What If' makes a galloping introduction for itself  with a percussive led intensity that only lets up for a dreamy and spirited piano melody to shine through in innocent rays of hope. Big Little Lions are playing with a sound much bolder than folk pop alone. There's a grittier element of alternative rock and electronic play that adds an interesting dynamic, and in parts, almost makes you forget this is a love song.

Big Little Lions are a formidable duo who not only run with their hearts and inject emotion into their music, but they build foundations that take the best parts of multiple genres and build stunning backdrops to support their deeply evocative male female vocal harmonies.

'What If' is a beautiful track that focuses on the emotional theme of longing in a purer, selfless, sense without wallowing in bitterness, self pity or feeding bruised egos.

Words of Karla Harris

'What If' is taken from Big Little Lions second album 'Just Keep Moving' due for release May 6th 2016.