Jennylee - Live @ The Village Underground 05/04/2016

To walk alone from something so beautiful in the first place must be tough, Warpaint have touched many with their unique sound since they first came to being. So to take yourself out of that and go it alone sounds somewhat scary but yet brave. Jenny Lee Lindberg is know for her bass skills in this force, but tonight she headlines London's The Village Underground with her solo project, Jennylee.
Dry ice fills the stage and the lights raise up, and this tiny jet-lagged body walks onto the stage followed by her band to a room of cheers from the audience. Tonight she will be playing her debut release 'Right On!' in full, from start to finish. The album shows Warpaint's influences as a band but also Jenny's personal ones, the heart bounding riff in 'boom boom' with Jenny's vocals carrying across the track is ghostly, to the point it can scare you. There are hints of Joy Division and early Cure vibes throughout the album, where the songs just grow with intensity especially with tracks like 'riot' in your arsenal.
She might be a short lady, and usually used to playing much bigger venues with her other band, but Jennylee stands tall this evening, carrying herself independently, controlling her band and throughout her set she has the audience in the palm of her hands. Proving to us that there is more to her than just her bass playing skills in, as she puts it to the audience, “that other band I'm in”.

Words & Photos of Ant Adams