Introducing: Lowla - 'Reckless' (Single)

Lowla make a confident and charismatic introduction for themselves with debut single 'Reckless'. Brash and sassy, Lowla are self assured, in control and upbeat; riding the 90s pop revival wave but are showing no sign of tweeness that was akin to a large majority of 90s pop - at least in the UK - the first time around.

Perhaps this is because of their  DIY athos. Lowla are radio friendly, but their sound is not formulated purely for likeability.  'Reckless' is unapologetic in the fact that it is rough-around-the-edges and rightly so. Percussive driven and  rhythmically channelling 90s hip hop beats, 'Reckless' is effortlessly cool with vocals that balance the right amount of attitude, but also showcases a beautifully textured and soulful vocal tone.

There's a certain way to make your first introduction and Lowla are a prime example of how to get it right. 

 Reckless was released March 31st 2016 via DIY.