Introducing: ELWELL - 'Closer' (Single)

There's something extremely intriguing about ELWELL. A singer songwriter who has been in the business of making music for 12 years, has 6 albums under his belt and presents himself as somewhat of a chameleon of his craft. If you were to Youtube his name, you would be greeted with a fine selection of  folk acoustic offerings. Pleasant enough. Emotive enough.  Highly accessible. Popular. Beautiful.  But feeling as though there is a meticulous nature about them. Spaces of emptiness that long to be imaginatively filled. There's also some impressive covers on his Soundcloud  that somehow make Bon Iver sound even more majestic.

On ELWELL's new record 'Closer' (mixed and producer by Brett Bullion) he has found a sound more befitting of the creative vastness inside of him. Created a track that is not just pleasant and beautiful, but mutlidimensional and exciting.  He has traded in guitars for synths and organic percussion for drum machines and in turn has once again been reborn. Showcasing a sound that is still personal, like his older material. But also over brimming with personality. Layered, textured, inspired.

That's why I've taken the liberty to introduce ELWELL as a new artist. To document the stylistic transition as the new, intimidatingly impressive beginning that it represents.

Words of Karla Harris.