Introducing: Cait Fairbanks - Digging My Own Grave' (Single)

Cait Fairbanks is kicking off with a debut that diverts away from the preppiness of mainstream pop and takes on a darker, creative, life form. She is doing what makes sense to her, not what may make her popular, but luckily for her; these two things seem to be going hand in hand.

'Digging My Own Grave' is a melancholy affair. Its sparse, acoustic introduction, solemn vocals, and dark lyrical imagery  reminded me of the way  Marika Hackman came onto the scene here in the UK with  'You Come Down'. - but without the whimsical of course. Both artists skirt around the folky elements of their vocals without being tied down to the genre. Nor do they fall into the pop genre. Instead, they pave their own way.

Like Marika, Cait  has also featured a tribal drum beat, but unlike Marika,  'Digging My Own Grave' flourishes into alt rock territory with its edgy, cinematic instrumentation and soaring vocals. Conjuring images of Megan McCauley when she brought out 'Wonder' on the Soundtrack  for Elektra.

Comparisons aside. Cait Fairbanks has an extremely powerful vocal range, innovative ideas, and a fearless approach to baring her soul through her song writing. This is a very impressive debut that is beautiful in its honesty, emotive in its vocals and arrangements, and will leave you feeling like something really special has just happened.

Words of Karla Harris

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