Single: FRENSHIP - 'Capsize' feat.Emily Warren

Up until recently I believed the most important thing about making popular music is firstly and lastly, getting the lyrics right. Using catchy metaphors that are universally relatable. Giving the listener a reason to want to sing along. Or at least leaving space to find an emotional connection with the lyrics that resonate true. Even if its on a different level from how the were originally intended.

One of the biggest turn offs is hearing a potentially great song where the lyrics are just scruffy and thoughtless.  Unless you are hugely famous then apparently you can make anything "Work".
Thankfully, what initially stands out about LA's FRENSHIP and New York born singer-songwriter Emily Warren's collab is the story they tell through their strong lyrics.

In 'Capsize' lethargic yet blistering male and female vocals lead its listener through an immersive lyrical journey. As warm percussive beats patter down like the first drops of rain in a tropical storm and sun-struck synths try to disorientate, the listener is left treading water, trying to stay afloat a tide of rhythmic hooks. This is a sweltering track with the power to make its listener keel over in submission.

Words of Karla Harris