Free Download: Queue - 'Falling Into Skies' (Single)

One of the most interesting things I find about being British is the way we take perfectly decent words and completely ruin their original meaning.  A trigger of irritant for me is how we went through a phase where everything was "lush". EVERYTHING. The person we fancied, the smell of a nice bar of soap, a sunny day, our new lamp. At least once an hour, "So lush!" you would hear someone passionately cry about something not formally "lush" at all. 

I actually squirm a bit when I say this, but Queue's  'Falling Into Skies' really is lush. It's one of those tracks with a density and allure so immediate, so clever, so gorgeous, it hooks its listener in within the first second. Yes. That quickly. From the second you press play,  you are the hunted, they are the hunter, setting their snares, waiting to capture. And capture they do. 

Queue are a five-piece  divided between Philadelphia and DC, and made up of ; Olivia Price - (vocals, rhythm guitar,) Aida Mekonnen - (guitar), Tyler Ringland - (keys, vocals), Daniel Snelling - (bass), and Steve Vannelli -(drums.). I'm telling you these names now because it's important. I'm incredibly excited for them and their future. 

Words of Karla Harris

'Falling Into Skies' is the first single taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, produced and engineered by Ben Rice. It's available for free download via Soundcloud and at a 'name your price' option on bandcamp.