Free Download: Adam Cleaver - 'Narrow Spines' (Single)

There are very few artists like Adam Cleaver. Who on opening their mouth posses the sheer fragile magnetism to turn even the most unforgiving of tides. It's the raw, unyielding honesty and fortitude that emits from this fearless place inside of him that is captivating enough. This is a guy who could bewitch an audience unaccompanied by instrumentation, based on the moving textures to his vocals alone. 

It's only right that such a voice should be matched by a similar intensity and that's where the dexterous and dense post rock stylings of 'Narrow Spines' comes into play. Solemn and suspenseful elevated guitar lines are met by the ghostly echoes of drum beats while the disconnected and despondent lyrical theme thrashes around in the forefront.

Sombre, yet roaringly glorious.

Words of Karla Harris

Narrow Spines was produced by Matt Harris (HAWK) and was released April 22nd 2016 via Veta Records.