EP Review: Elessar - 'Reflections'

I recently got involved in a heated conversation about bands needing to try to break ground with their music. I  was firmly on the side that I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing within the scope of the genre/s your band is connected to and  Elessar (not to be confused with Argentinian symphonic power-metallers Elessär)  are a prime example of this. ‘Reflections’ is a 5 track EP jam packed with familiar pop-punk-rock goodness. Is there room for more of this sort of thing? Of course there bloody is, and these guys are proof of that.

 Opening with the energetic chords of “Arrogance”, Elessar show us what they’re made of. The chorus provides some catchy lyrics – "She’s a little piece of heaven with the devil inside". Throw in some well-placed guitar licks and a melodic breakdown in the middle, and in 3 minutes Elessar will have you on their side. "Their side" is the one with the excited dancing, in case you’re still looking. ‘My Skin’ hits harder. It still fits, but the vocals and guitars are more aggressive.

Throughout this EP I kept hearing little glimpses of bands I know and love; there were slices of Alkaline Trio, Paramore, You Me At Six, Rise Against, to name but a few of the bands that peeped through Elessar’s sound at me. Prompting that kind of link to other musicians’ work is what keeps me interested in this band. I’ve heard these sounds before, but not together, and not like this. The third and fourth instalments to ‘Reflections’ keep on delivering that twin-guitar chord goodness. Listen out for the middle 8 of ‘Empty Frames’  where the band play some unexpectedly clever licks that are echoed through the breakdown that follows.

The EP closes with ‘Goodwill’, the first video to be taken from the EP. Boasting a fine display of technical ability as musicians, ‘Goodwill’ doesn’t leave the listener wanting for closure. This finale screams out for you to check this band out live. There’s no way this music cannot inspire an energetic crowd to be jumping, clapping and singing along.

Words of Sam Hylands

‘Reflections’ is released 22nd April and available for pre-order, here. The band will be coinciding the EP release with a UK Tour. Check the flyer at the bottom of the page to catch them in a town near you.