Band To Check Out: Step Rockets - 'West Coast' (Single)

There are some generations of music of whoms genres contain a timeless quality. This means that its influences can be tinkered with and reproduced.  Heavily nod towards vintage. But still seem like they remain present in this moment. 

Minneapolis’ Step Rockets seem to have found the right balance between embracing the old whilst remaining excitingly current and forward thinking. Current single 'West Coast'  has a  progressive 80's pop rock quality about it that immediately made me think of Genesis with 'Land of Confusion' in mind. There's a certain worldliness which sees the band experimenting with eastern-inspired synth alongside psychedelia which adds a certain amount of playful tension.  Lyrically,  'West Coast' is punchy with catchy vocal hooks but also seems inspired by classic rock. Tonally,  it seems a lot more serious than its predecessors, even challenging in nature.

It can never be said that Step Rockets are a one dimensional band. This is a zealous bunch who are manipulating the standard structure of "indie pop" with genre-blurring  instrumentation - yet simultaneously delivering infectious, anthemic and groovy tracks to dance to, sing to, or simply lift your spirits when you're feeling blue.

Words of Karla Harris

tep Rockets continue to push the boundaries of indie pop with unique instrumentation
and progressive songwriting.
Mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Moby) 'West Coast' is cut from Step Rocket’s new EP ‘Future Nature,’ out April 15th.