Band To Check Out: Cavalry - 'Everything' (Single)

Recently one of my writers dared to utter the words,"I'm not sure I get folk". This confession was swiftly followed by, "Not enough riffs. Or blast beats. Or synths for that matter". So it can safely be said this particular person, (Hi Tim) definitely does not get folk.

The answers lie within the hushed vocals and the quietly flowing rhythms, like Cavalry's 'Everything' where arrangements begin acoustically, gently billowing out into larger forms, creating lake-like ripples. Where drum rhythms roll like the outline of hilltops. Where guitars softly cry out to the forest floor their bodies once belonged to, before the music crescendos into spacious, cinematic soundscapes.

Cavalary draw influence from the likes of The National so there is no surprises about the presence of gloomy indie textures in both the instrumentation and the vocals on 'Everything'.  For me, the track also shares the same kind of  nostalgia, starkness, and jubilant twangs as Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Despite its layers and textures, Cavalry's 'Everything' is very natural. Despite its glumness, the lyrics are sincere and full of good intentions. A lot of  folk builds bleakness and sadness into something exquisite and beautiful. A lot of  folk finds a way to stand tall and triumphant in the face of adversary.

That's exactly what I like about folk music. It's ability to soar emotively skyward, yet remain rooted and grounded. And by using folk as a foundation, that's exactly what Cavalry have done here.

Words of Karla Harris

Cavalry’s Everything was released on 1st April via Fierce Panda Records and is available to purchase on iTunes and Spotify.

Live Dates
1st May – FestEVOL, Liverpool
28th May – Liverpool Sound City
3rd June – Liverpool BBC Music Day