Asylums - Live @ The Garage, London 07/04/2016

Being almost 30 now, my decade was the 00s, where music was awesome. The Strokes were in their prime, dance floors were filled with indie girls and Arctic Monkey tracks, and Bloc Party was well, being Bloc Party! This is why I love the band Asylums! Firstly they remind me of classic indie club night dance floors however with something that little bit extra.
Catching them live tonight at The Garage for the first time, and I can only describe them as an organised racket, and a good one at that. At first glance they look like hipsters but in fact they are just bloody mental. Guitarist Jazz keeps to his stage corner but controls it like a possessed monster, very much like his guitar riffs. Lead vocalist Luke Branch's voice is so clean somehow in the energetic performance the band put out throughout their set tonight.
Latest single 'Necessary Appliances' (taken from Asylums upcoming debut album 'Killer Brain Waves') is the top track for the night, it is a fresh smack in the face of the current dare I say 'indie-rock' scene at the moment. It's a sing-along, dance floor mover, and while being both of these it is mental. Watching the Asylums tonight, I can only say one thing about them:

I am very excited!

 Words & Photos of Ant Adams

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