Artist To Check Out: GIUNGLA - 'Forest' (Single)

*Photo by Stefano Masselli

With the turning of warped mechanical cogs, the beast is awoken and 'Forest' sputters to life. There's a sense of misfiring brain synapses in the industrial synth line that leads the way on GIUNGLA's short but consuming sonic journey. Where the bizarre workings of the human mind are pitted against a confused depiction of reality.

Guitar lines and underlying rhythms are purposefully distorted and monotonous to create  the bewildering sensation of being chased and trapped in a relentless, repetitive cycle that offers no escape as GIUNGLA drones, “I just don’t know what I saw / I just don’t want to know what I saw”.

GIUNGLA offers no illusion of safety and you would be right to feel unnerved. The forest can be seen as a  metaphor for the loneliest, scariest and most confusing places in your own mind that even you can't quite comprehend. 'Forest' trawls through the murky depths of fear and uncertainty and calls out with edgy conviction for company, knowing that true salvation does not exist.

Words of Karla Harris

'Forest' follows on from the soothing  'Sand' and the grungey pop-punk 'Cold' taken from GIUNGLA's upcoming EP 'Camo' released May 20th and available for pre-order now via Factory Flaws