Artist To Check Out: Ben Hobbs - 'Cold Sweat' (Single)

Photo by Mike Massaro
I'm very happy with the upsurge of 80s inspired musicians who are making the cut onto the blog this year. Recently I mentioned how this particular decade of music holds a timeless quality.  How its influences can be tinkered with and reproduced. Heavily nod towards retro. But still seem like they are fresh, modern and remain in the moment. Where you notice the influences but don't feel transported back to that time.

South London producer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Hobbs is a fond example of 80s revolutionising. 'Cold Sweat' navigates through a hazy 80s art pop framework to come out the other side and find itself still firmly in a very contemporary and desirable 2016.

Ben's brooding, soulful vocals take centre stage as lavish instrumentation and dazed synths bounce the tone back and forward between lazily stupefying and urgently vulnerable.  This is a track about realisation. About untethering yourself from the ties that bind you, remembering your strengths and putting them into action.

Words of Karla Harris

"Cold Sweat" is taken from Ben's forthcoming debut EP 'Sweet Enough', out May 6th. Available for pre-order HERE.

Ben Hobbs - Sweet Enough EP
4. Here's Where The Story Ends

Live Dates
11th May:  London, UK @ Servant Jazz Quarters (EP Release Show)  (TICKETS)