Artist To Check Out: Amaroun - 'Bedbugs' (Single)

Sometimes it’s all about the music. No distractions from the other aspects of the industry, simply the crafting of great tunes. One feels that this is not quite Amaroun’s remit. Yes, the music is important. However, there appears a bigger creative intent at play here. From supplementing her musical output with a series of animated videos, to curating a Northamptonshire festive in support of local musicians, Amaroun seems an intriguing, appealing and ambitious artist even in these early career stages.

Debut single ‘Bedbugs’ is a hazy, alt-folk track that perfectly showcases Amaroun’s genre-bending dynamics. Building from an acoustic intro into an intoxicating mix of dreamy vocal layers and questioning lyrics, ‘Bedbugs’ is quick to sink its claws in <ahem> but continues to surprise, almost overwhelm, even after numerous listens. Alongside the mature songwriting on offer, the warm production deserves much credit for capturing the atmospherics, bringing the most out of the restrained piano and guitar flourishes which bolster the tempered crescendo in the latter half.

Overall, ‘Bedbugs’ recalls Beck, Bjork and Radiohead, to these ears at least, and it’s certainly an impressive first outing. On this basis, Amaroun seems an artist worth championing and I eagerly await what’s next on offer.

Words of DS_Convertible

‘Bedbugs’ was released on 14th March via YOY Records.