Against the Current & ROAM - Live @ Koko 21/03/2016

Against the Current @ Koko
Well, apparently Pop-punk is cool, again....

With the ever growing dominance of female fronted rock bands on a dramatic increase, walking up to Camden's Koko on a Monday evening to see a queue a mile down the road, you get a sense that something is brewing tonight in North London. British lads ROAM, who have been hitting the road hard for god-knows-how-long now, and you can see that the amount of hard work that goes into their craft. With the huge uprising of British pop-punk, with the scene smashing out band after band at the moment, ROAM shows us why they are up there with the big guns. With a hint of swag, they smash about the stage to tracks like 'Deadweight' and 'Hopeless Case', preheating the venue ready for Against the Current.
ROAM @Koko
Bringing their tour to a close tonight, with their biggest UK headline show to date. 'Last time we were in London it was a dream. I don't even know what to call this because it has completely surpassed that' says Chrissy Constanza, lead vocalist of the band, at the end of their set. And you can completely understand why, taking us on a journey through fourteen tracks of old and new, showing us how they have matured, giving us different sides of them as a band with each track. Which creates such an atmosphere that the crowd need no encouragement to get rowdy, screaming the lines to current track 'Runaway' at the full volume of their lungs.

The night itself is overwhelming, for the band and the audience, and I think I speak for everyone in that venue that night, that Against the Current are certainly a band not to be messed with.

Words & Photos of Ant Adams
Against the Current @ Koko