The Video Explained: Whosah - 'Forget About It' [a moving picture]

Who: Whosah is an indie pop five-piece based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About The Track: 'Forget About It' is scintilating synth pop with playful production, vibrant arrangements and the most feel good lyrics we've come across in a while. It's a song to smile to. It's message is simple yet effective. What is lovely about Whosah  is that they're not in your face, trying too hard to impress, or overcompensating with enthusiasm for a lack of talented. They're a band that are effortlessly likeable and full of great ideas and  engaging soundscapes.  'Forget About it is taken from the band's second EP 'Work' which was released on the 11th March 2016. It is the follow on track from the equally spirited  and captivating, 'Ghost Town'  - the first track to be cut from the EP.

The Video Explained:
 “The ‘Forget About It’ video is a take on the verses, ‘there's no top to this mountain If I'm focused on the climbing.’ The video focuses on us climbing, but not going anywhere….We wrote ‘Forget About It’ partially to ourselves, and to anyone who's ever felt like they're stuck in that cycle. This song is about realizing that success is not the point and the grind is not the point; that real life is available for us to find joy in, right where we are right now.” - Spencer Grimes [Whosah]