The Video Explained: Jacob Faurholt - 'Floating In Space'

Seasoned Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt  makes music both in his own name and under the alias Crystal Shipsss.

About The Track:  'Floating In Space' is cut from Jacob Faurholt's album 'Super Glue' released January 22nd 2016. 'Floating In Space' is an earnest, reflective track with delicate harmonies, gentle guitar lines, evocative vocals, and an understated indie/ lo fi ambience. This is an ethereal track that has been gracefully put together and really resonates with its listener.

The Video Explained: 
“'Floating In Space’ is about the longing of a person who you have spent your life with and who is not present anymore. The video was made in Hong Kong by the Danish musician and artist Claus Frøhlich, who with his colorful animations has created a lightly psychedelic universe that captures the songs atmosphere and lyrics perfectly.” - Jacob Faurholt

Feature by Karla Harris