The Duo Explains: Tiger + Man - 'Wondering' (Video)

Who: Tiger + Man is comprised of Austin born singer/songwriter Tiger Darrow and South African composer Andrew Orkin .

About The Track: 'Wondering' is the debut single from Brooklyn based duo Tiger + Man. The single is a preview of their self titled EP due for release on March 19th.  This is an intoxicating electronic pop track combining elements of  funk, hip hop and alternative rock. It reminds us a bit of the 90s neo soul/ rnb that Aaliyah used to make, but with fiercer guitar vibes and sweeter vocals.

The Duo Explains:
"The video was directed and produced by Justin Scholar, with choreography by Rich Lugo. We filmed it at the NYU Tisch film studios. Our director was an Undergraduate at NYU’s Tisch school at the time and he was so inspired by the project that he chose to make it his thesis.

'Wondering' is a song about the push-and-pull of infatuation. Its video uses the silhouettes of shadowy, manic dancers (Maria Bruun and Adan Kohnhorst) to play up the contrast between light and dark, mellow and electric. After throwing a few ideas around, we felt that a dance piece would be the perfect way to embody something so familiar in a physical way. The movement, light, and lyrics all come together to express the cautious, roundabout ways we approach someone we want.

When auditioning dancers, we were very struck by Maria’s classical elegance of motion in contrast to Adan's breakdancing energy. Initially we were thinking of two more classical dancers but the contrast of their two styles immediately jumped out at us. Our choreographer, Rich Lugo, found beautiful ways to showcase their differences in their solo dances. Maria’s solo is softer and more fluid, while Adan’s is far more rigid and aggressive.

We loved using dance as a visual narrative to the song as infatuation often is embodied far beyond words. Rather than having a narrative video that spells out the nature of star-crossed lovers or unrequited love—however you choose to interpret the song—using body language in such an elegant way was an interesting alternative. We spoke to Rich and Justin about how we, as the writers, interpreted our work and then let them take over for the rest. They did a great job finding musical motifs to highlight with motion and effects, and Rich even went so far as to interpret some of our lyrics literally (i.e. the word “waterfall” is danced to look as if the dancers arms are tumbling water).

We like to allow our listeners to take what they need from our music. We chose to have a non-narrative video so as not to tell our listeners how to feel, but rather to give them a beautiful interpretation to watch that is still abstract enough for listeners to decide on their own what the song means to them. However, for us, we feel that the video conveys the unrequited love of a woman who is infatuated with a man who is simply not on the same path that she is." - Tiger + Man