The Band Explains: GROVES - 'Ender' (Video)

Who: Los Angeles-based GROVES is comprised of Stephen Salisbury (vocals/guitar), Reid Guidry (bass/synth) and Will Smith (drums)

About The Track:  'Ender' is available now via iTunes. The tracks open with warning signal/sci fi electronics but is predominately a groove based track with shimmering guitars, dark synth underpinnings, and urgent, passionate vocals. This is mature, polished, alternative indie with catchy hooks, haunting melodies and a lot of  mystique about it. GROVES are worth getting excited about.

The Band Explains:
"The 'Ender' video was produced by the band along with director Jake Stark and creative direction from Josh Madden. It was filmed in two different locations. The main location being the desert of Palmdale, CA and second location being the MDDN studio in Hollywood, where the song was recorded.

I think the video showcases a darker, almost paranormal type of energy we all felt when writing this song. It being the first song we created as a newly formed band, the lyrics seemed to naturally channel a sense of inevitability, which ended up becoming the main premise of the song. By realizing your place in the universe, your problems seem incredibly small in comparison. When realizing certain things are out of your control, you learn all you can really do is look up and say "Hear me all Ender. Can you help me see the light?"

We had a lot of fun making this video but something that's worth mentioning is that we hiked over a mile into the desert to an abandoned insane asylum. I'm not a superstitious guy or anything but it was hard not to think we might be starring in a slasher movie. I remember saying a few times, "I just hope someone finds our camera and makes this video." Haha.

The majority of the ideas for this video started in the simplest of forms. Lots of conversations about what we wanted with color, texture, aesthetic and over feel. So we knew virtually right away that we wanted this shoot to take place in a desert setting. Imagery I have to credit our director Jake Stark. Some of my favorite moments in this video were never discussed and done on the whim once we felt comfortable enough with what was already captured to experiment. Lastly, we knew we needed massive landscape shots which would require a drone. Fortunately we live in LA where you can find just about anything, so shout out to Andrew Gerety for helping us out with the aerial shots.

I think the overall message of the video is really about introduction and showing that GROVES is coming. We wanted to demonstrate that we were clearly after or in search of something, but also wanted to leave it open enough for the viewer to interpret their own message. We’re very excited to show you what’s next."
- Stephen Salisbury


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