The Band Explains: Fate vs Free Willy - 'Loserface' (Video)

Who: Fate vs Free Willy are Alina, Dmitri and Sasha -  a noise rock three-piece based in Helsinki.

About The Track:  'Loserface' is taken from the band's debut album 'New Dead End' which was released on Oct 9th 2015.  it's a noisy, primitive, lo fi track with hypnotic minimalist rhythms, fuzzy guitars, dissonant riffs and eerie vocals.

The Band Explains:
"The video was made entirely by ourselves. Sasha, our drummer/vocalist, did most of the work, including setting up the camera, shooting and editing. As far as directing goes, we kind of made it all together. It was filmed at our rehearsal studio in Helsinki.
In contrast to a couple of our previous videos, 'Loserface' has ourselves acting and playing the instruments, so there is a pretty obvious connection between music and image. We wanted the viewers to get a feel of the energy of our live shows in this video.
The video was really fun to make. We were switching our instruments, so we had to play something we were not so good at, which felt sort of clumsy and made us laugh a lot. Filming is fun if you just loosen up and try not to be too serious.
The main idea was that first we would just play the song as usual and then we'd start switching instruments. When we came up with the idea we also realized that we have three bass guitars, and we all know how to play the bass part of the song, so why not make a part where we all play bass guitars? We did our best to learn each other's parts for all the instruments and filmed ourselves playing in all possible combinations.
We edited the video to be pretty fast changing and energetic to get a feel of a live show experience and also to be a bit confusing at the first glance. Blurry black and white imagery is a big part of our band aesthetics, which also determined the visual feel of this video. We love to keep things simple, so like it always is with our songs, working on this video was a lot about getting rid of stuff rather than adding to it. This is the approach we always take in our creative process.
We just sort of wanted to mess with the viewers. With all the instrument switching and stuff." - Dmitri.