The Band Explains: False Heads - 'Steal and Cheat' (Video)

Who: East London  punk rock three-piece False Heads are Luke Griffiths, Barney Nash and Jake Elliott.

About The Track:  ‘Steal and Cheat’ was released through 25 Hour Convenience Store on December 4th 2015. It's an energetic, bawdy track with frantic guitar riffs, snotty vocals and a whole lot of attitude.

The Band Explains: 

1.Who produced the video? Where was it filmed?
FH: Will Hutchinson (great bloke) produced the video and it was his shed that we foiled haha

2. How does the video compliment the song?

FH: I don't really like giving too much away when it comes to lyrics, but the idea of the really tight space and foil was to compliment the idea behind the horrible little cliques and non-people that we experienced growing up where we did. And the horrible little cliques of bands and artists and that dominate at the moment. Boring, banal bands and artists and that all clump together, just a horrible claustrophobic little world.

3. Any behind the scenes stories?
FH: Haha not really, it was quite a smooth shoot to be honest. I wish I had a more interesting answer for you there but unfortunately not.

4. Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?

FH: I guess what I said about the video complimenting the song. They were the themes and imagery used to compliment that idea. There's also a slight dig at the fucking bullshit offensive/victim/YOU CAN'T SAY THAT culture that has emerged. With the word "cunt" being so half heartedly censored and then other random pointless things being blurred out. That idea is something that we've all grown tired of. We all class ourselves as leftists and liberals but there's been a very strange switch on this topic. It used to be the bullshit right wing authority telling people that you can't say things, especially against pointless nonsensical parts of the establishment like the monarchy and Christianity for example. It would be leftists (such as ourselves) saying fuck that shit. There's been a strange switch now where this odd part of the left (which seems to be growing rapidly) wants to shut down discourse and conversation on lots of different topics. The beauty of free speech is that when a stupid fuck like Donald Trump comes along we can all explain why we think he is a stupid fuck and where we disagree and where he is wrong, but instead we tried to ban him from the country. I don't really understand what that is meant to achieve. What the fuck is that about? That's not a world I want to live in if I'm honest.

5. What is the message the video is trying to convey?
FH: Same as above haha but at the same time don't take it too seriously, it was just a fun shoot at the end of the day as well.

Interview by Karla Harris