The Band Explains: Discoforticut - 'Girls Of Summer' (Video)

Who: Discoforticut  is a hub of Italian producers, musicians and videomakers founded in 2013. 

About The Track: 'Girls Of Summer' is a melancholic remake of the 80's italo-disco hit "Boys, Boys Boys (Summertime Love)" by Sabrina Salerno.

The Band Explains: "We produced the video by ourselves (one of us is a videomaker and documentary director) and it was filmed mainly in our city, Turin, in northwestern Italy, but also at the seaside in Liguria. A very small scene (2:10) comes from Rio de Janeiro's beach (Brazil) where Francesco (the moviemaker) went 2 years ago.
The song is a sort of tribute or remake of the famous 80s hit "Boys (Summertime Love)" by Sabrina Salerno, but we turned it into a slow and melancholic track and put "Girls" instead of "Boys" in the title (since our album is named "Femmes" which means girls in French). It's a story of a girl and her memories of last summer. She tries to collect those memories through the objects she finds on her path (the umbrella, the scarf...) and to go back to those sunny days by travelling with mind. While outside is overcast and cold.
We went on the streets and stopped random girls asking them to be part of the video while the main character is Anna, which is a good friend of ours and a videomaker too. One of us, Filippo, furtively appears in the video at 1.25 as the waiter that pours the drink for that brownie girl.
Since it's a tribute/remake of that song we wanted to make fun of the common feelings about the summer, the seaside and the holidays. We also quote the original banal and dumb lyrics with the vocoder:
"Everybody, summertime love
You'll remember me
Everybody, summertime love
Be my lover, be my baby

On the other hand the video is somehow dreamy and hallucinatory wiith the seaside appearing everywhere on those common objects.
The message is that longing for the past might be a good and pleasant thing, but it's better to look forward. And that summertime is always overrated."
 - Discoforticut.