The Artist Explains: De Montevert - 'It's alright I'm probably dreaming' (Video)

De Montevert is the project of Swedish musician Ellinor Nilsson.

About The Track: 'It's alright I'm probably dreaming' is taken from De Montevert's debut self titled album out now. It's lo fi, folktronica meets guitar pop with floating vocals and dreamy instrumentation. There's quite a psychedelic,surreal feel to the track, but it is in De Montevert's repetitive mantra, "And I don't know if I'm awake' where the soothing, yet immediate, layered vocals take focus and the listener is able to truly sing along, wake themselves up and remove themselves from the lulling instrumentation.

The Artist Explains: "The video for "It's alright l'm probably dreaming" is plain and simply me and my band in our rehearsal studio in Stockholm. I've done all kinds of music videos in the past and worked both with old friends and unknown video artists. This time I wanted to try something different and co-teamed with another musician, Thomas Gjerdingen from Tennis Bafra, whom I share record label with in Sweden. The brief was to bring out the feeling I got while rehearsing and recording my latest album. And I think we hit the mark. The video is basically my point of view during rehearsal combined with the drowsy feeling you have when waking up from a dream in the middle of the night. The idea from start was always to shoot it in black and white, mainly since the album artwork is done that way. While shooting we got the idea to include details I've been seeing when spending time in the studio and one of the last steps in post-production was to leave those details in colour.
The idea to include handwritten text in the end also originates from the album artwork. But since the song in a way is about the confusion that comes from not knowing what's wrong or right it felt logical adding to that confusion by having other lines of text than those I sing. I also think it makes the drowsy and dreamy feeling even more present.
Everything was shot on a cold sunday afternoon showing me and the band doing what we do without special effects or written manuscript. Over all it was a quick session lasting no more than two hours and most of what the camera caught actually ended up in the video." - Ellinor Nilsson

Live Shows
31st March - London, Old Blue Last (free entry)

April 01 – Manchester, The Castle Hotel