The Artist Explains: Avital Raz - 'The Edinburgh Surprise' (Video)

Who: Avital Raz is a Jerusalem born vocalist and songwriter, currently based in Preston, England.

About The Track: 'The Edinburgh Surprise'  was released on November 18th on Sotones Records. It's a striking track with a meaning as powerful and urgent as its instrumental arrangements; as extraordinary as it's vocals. Some themes and imagery may or may not make this video Not Safe For Work so watch in the workplace at your own peril!

The Artist Explains:  "The video was made by Chris Davis. It was filmed in Preston in my home and in Edinburgh on a drunk night out by me. We also used a lot of news clips about Israel/Palestine.
I think the video enhances the feeling of being drunk lost and lonely that's in the song.
Behind the scene stories... Well, we wanted to get the message "fucked in the ass for peace" in Arabic so we approached everyone we knew that might be able to translate but then when we translated back we got all kinds of versions like : "was shamed for peace" or "behaved indecently for peace".... so we didn't use them.
The main idea for the video was to project images of war and the politicians who caused it on naked bodies in order to express how difficult it is to shed your past and preconceptions even when clothess are off.
I think the message is, things aren't what they seem and underneath it all we're all the same... drunk
(well some of us), lost, lonely and looking for love. Even the transient kind regardless of our race, religion and layers of fear that keep us from connecting with each other." - Avital Raz