The Artist Eplains: John Parry - 'Enough' (Video)

Who: John Parry is a singer-songwriter based in East London

About The Track: 'Enough' is the lead single and title track taken from John Parry's debut EP, due for release on March 4th. 'Enough' is a brooding, atmospheric track with dark undertones, smokey vocals and gloomy, ominous instrumentals. Parry takes the best of folk, indie rock, and alternative and makes moody extremely appealing.

The Artist Explains:

1.Who produced the video for 'Enough'? Where was it filmed?
"Charlotte Regan produced the video - she is madly talented. My mate is a rapper and he got a video done by her about three years ago. It looked so professional and everyone talked about how good it was, so I had to get in contact. The video is true to what the house actually looked like. We didn't need to strip walls, get in scratched up sofas and creepy pictures. It was all there."

2. How does the video compliment the song?
"The video adds another layer of depth to the song. I could have had a video where I'm getting knocked back by a beautiful girl, running around with daffodils trying to convince her and then giving up. But we've all seen that shit before."

3. Any behind the scenes stories?
"I was drunk half the time and caught a chest infection from how grotty the house was. Nothing glamorous - maybe one day."

4. Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
"I know I wanted something shocking - something to make people think. Whether it was a political view or peoples’ and my own day to day struggles in life. We could have gone down any path of frustrating feelings with a song which main lyric is 'Enough’, but I chose something real to me."

5. What is the message the video is trying to convey?
"That we see a lot of stuff on the news, in life and in videos. We can be shocked and horrified with something and want injustices to change, but then we simply forget it, pick up a beer and carry on."

Interview by Karla Harris