SKIES - Live @ Koko 04/03/2016

It always interests the human race to understand how things come about, how they work and grow into complete items. Like when you were in year three and you take home that sunflower seed and watch it grow. When that first stem pops out the ground you cannot help but feel a sense of joy and excitement. Bands and musicians are very much the same, checking on their progress us they start from the roots up.

SKIES are a band I've known for a while now, stumbling across them at a small event in Kent, and since then I've seen them develop into something unique, playing venues such as Tunbridge Wells Forum (supporting Lisbon) and a sold out show at The Borderline in London. So when I got invited by them personally to capture their set at Koko from the photo pit, it wasn't just foolish to decline but I see it as some what a pleasure to be even asked.

The band are from Folkestone and surround themselves with big pop songs with encouraging choruses, but hidden away underneath it all is complex vocal arrangements fuelled by quirky moments. Opening their set with the title track from their recent EP 'Feel Like It', a beast of pop music with a huge sing-a-long chorus. Followed by tracks like 'Leave Me' and current single 'Drone' which feed their explosive set. That moment Alie Cotter hits that floor tom in 'Monday', I can't help but get that buzzing vibe when you encounter something new.

At the moment SKIES have been my go-to morning band, their uplifting sound that comes across in not just their music but also in their personalities, I feel it comforting. That listening to them helps me think I am going to get through my day, and get through whatever shit might thrown at me!

And I truly thank them for that.

So it pleases me to see bands such as SKIES, growing, and blossoming into something amazing.

Words & Photos of Ant Adams