Single Review: St. Tropez - 'Order'

'Order' is the first single St. Tropez have released since their 2015 self- titled debut EP and they've cranked everything up a fair few knots.

 Nonchalant, dark, slithering bass lines a la Black Sabbath -  'Iron Man'  opens the track, as contentious vocals gradually build in hostility before fading out to instrumentals. Just when you think you've figured out the style of the track, a droning guitar leads the piece of music into complete disarray, with a spiralling krautrock arrangement that goes against the 'order' the narrator has spent half of the song screaming out for. 

Lyrically, St Tropez have taken inspiration from Franz Kafka's short story 'The Helmsman'. The story depicts a struggle between The Helmsman and a stranger who revokes The Helmsman's authority and position and takes it for himself. As The Helmsman tries to get his authority back and looks upon his shipmates for support, they seem to be mesmerised by this stranger, at his beck and call, while The Helmsman sees everything he believes to know, fall away from him.

St. Tropez constantly demand order and authority in the face of chaos in this offering. This is a complex track, executed with precision. St. Tropez are showing themselves as fearless Helmsman, steering their ship into choppy waters, but firmly in control of the wheel.
Words of Karla Harris