Single Review: Oyster Kids - 'Lips'

The spirit of arcane pop-charm 'Creepy' might haunt you still (rightfully so, given its gloomy and glowing sound) and yet sonic spell binders Oyster Kids  are ready to raise the ante with shiny new single 'Lips'.

Less moody and mystic than their debut, instead very bright and blissful in style, the duo's second offering combines fuzzy tonal reverb and fizzy, sparkling melodies in a wonderfully vibrant way, while putting an emphasis on frisky vocal levity.

Alluring and atmospheric as a whole, 'Lips' reveals cloudy lyrical connotations, contrary to the song's sunny melodic nature and dreamy flair. It proves to be true, to never judge a book by its cover solely, 'cause this peppy tune is more than just a delightfully fresh breeze in the musical spheres out there; it's playfully vivacious, without a doubt, but thrillingly sinister on the sly.

Single Review by Nessi Holt