Single Review: New York Movie - 'Little Emotion

It seems that synth-driven alt-pop is in healthy spirits of recent times. Although such music lends itself well to everything from shampoo adverts to London-based reality television shows, it’s not just defined by smoothly produced feel-good factor vibes. The likes of the fantastic M83 showcase just how varied and clever such music can be, branching out the more alternative elements and in turn providing, um, the perfect soundtrack for a London-based reality television show. Amongst other things.

Debut single ‘Little Emotion’ from New York Movie embraces the warm production and pop leanings of synth music, showcasing a confident marker in the sand rather than any timid glance above the musical parapet. The track itself is almost split into three parts: a dreamy electro-pop intro gives way to an unexpected Coldplay-esque simple guitar break, before a sublimely catchy synth stomp takes control. Having set the tone for the rest of the track, vocals and musical layers continue to build, such that by the end ‘Little Emotion’ feels like an favourite old friend. It’s effortless catchy, and one imagines with the right exposure could provide the perfect platform for New York Movie to flourish.

With the first hints of summer appearing, ‘Little Emotion’ is a welcome breeze hinting of good times. It will be interesting to see what else the band conjure up, and the direction they take their cinematic synth grooves. In summary, totally infectious and highly enjoyable.

Words of DS_Convertible