Single Review: Mt. Wolf - 'Anacrusis'

The last time I covered Mt. Wolf, it was 2013, I was writing for an entirely different publication  and the band were a four-piece with  female lead vocals,  who had just released their second EP, 'Hypolight'.

'Hypolight'  EP and their debut EP 'Life Sized Ghosts' hit me in a way that felt entirely unique to anything else that was being put in front of me back then. The band were making music under the label "Dream folk" and  I adored the way they were fusing electronic and acoustic instruments to  make atmospheric, ethereal soundscapes that are gentle yet overwhelming in essence.

It seems I've ashamedly missed a lot since 2013 on the Mt. Wolf front. There's been a third EP, 'Red', the band have become a formidable three-piece with a male vocal lead, and are now gearing up to release EP number four, 'Hex' on March 25th via CRC Music.

'Anacrusis' is the second and most recent single to be taken from 'Hex' and it's very interesting to see how their sound and lyrical themes have developed over the past 3 years. Mt. Wolf are fascinating in the way that they become more powerful and haunting with each vast yet understated soundscape.

There's something very existential about Mt. Wolf and the music they make.The band create really natural, earthy, haunting elements within their sound that make you feel like you are stepping outside of yourself.

'Anacrusis' is an off-the-beaten-track single that requires the listener to feel instead of think. It acts as a reawakening and for us at When The Horn Blows; a reminder that our mere existence  in a infinitely large universe is complicated and troublesome,  but it is also beautiful and worth celebrating.

Words of Karla Harris

Live Dates:
THU 10 MARCH - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA
THU 17 MARCH - SxSW - The Continental Club - 1AM
TUE 10 MAY - Oslo Hackney - London